1. Driver Age – The minimum age to rent with Avis Prestige is 30 years old.


2. Driving Licence – The renter will need a full driving licence that covers the vehicle rented by renter. For local resident, the Hong Kong driving licence will need to have been held for at least 36 months at the time of rental. For foreigner, the oversea driving licence will need to have been held for at least 36 months at the time of rental (or attached with a valid international driving licence if necessary). Passport must show the immigration date and a “Visitor stamp” from the immigration department.

**If driver is unable to provide proof that the driving license has been held for at least 36 months, additional deductible of $20,000 may apply after management approval.

***If the driver holds a Hong Kong Identity Card or has a Hong Kong Working Visa in their passport without “Visitor stamp” they must present a valid Hong Kong Driving Licence and an International Driving Licence will not be accepted.

3. Mandatory Cover – 
When the renter rent a vehicle from Avis, the price renter is quoted automatically includes a basic level of cover should you be involved in an accident.
This basic cover includes: Legal Liability and Third Party Cover.

Legal Liability for HK$100,000,000.00 in respect of death or body injury to third party. In case of accident, damage or theft the hirer is liable for the corresponding insurance deductibles that listed in the price list.

Third party property damage subject to a maximum of HK$500,000.00.

HK$20,000 excess will apply to customers over 65 years of age.


4. Vehicle deductible – If the rental car is damaged or stolen, the mandatory cover will include the cost of repairing and / or replacing the vehicle. However, the renter will have to pay a fixed amount towards the repair / replacement costs. This is known as deductible. This applies regardless of whether you were at fault.
At the point of collecting the rental vehicle, Avis will hold an amount on the driver's credit card to cover the
vehicle deductible. These funds will then be released following the end of the rental period. The card will not be charged unless damage or additional charges occur. The time taken for the amount to be accessible on your credit card will depend on the provider.


5. Gasoline – Gasoline is not included in rates. A full tank is provided and must be refilled at renter’s expense on return. A surcharge of HK$100.00 will apply for refilling gasoline for renter.


6. Limited Mileage – Limited mileage for daily is 150km, extra mileage is HK$10 per mileage.

7. Payment Card(s) – A valid payment card must be produced at the time of vehicle collection. The payment cards accepted are American Express, MasterCard credit cards and VISA credit cards. 

The renter must present the two payment card for car rental charge and insurance deductible guarantee when collecting your vehicle. If the card is in someone else's name that person must also be present and will be added as an additional driver, so he / she will have to bring along their driving licence.

8. Additional Driver(s) – Please be advised that if a second driver is requested, they must also be present when picking up the car, and have their original driving licence.


9. Extension of rental – It is not permitted without prior agreement.


10. Deposit – All deposit for car rental are non-refundable.


11. Declaration – Not having committed dangerous driving for the past 5 years.


12. Reservation and rental rate – The renter should pick up or return car in our business hours:

Monday to Sunday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Daily rental rates are based on a 24-hour rental day starting at the time of rental.

The renter will be charged for 20% of the applicable daily rental rate in excess of an hour or a rental day rate in excess of more than 5 hours the renter keeps the vehicle until the vehicle is returned.


Renters are responsible for all toll fees, speeding tickets; parking & traffic fines; and any associated administration costs.